About Us


Our Story

Led by a team consisting of members with decades of experience in this business, Shashwita’s strength comes from the team’s expertise, experience and skill. By valuing integrity, commitment and building long lasting relationships with our clients we have been successful to fill our journey with lot’s of happy and satisfied customers. Along with quality we always strive to provide our clients with the best affordable pricing in the market.

Catching up with the ongoing trends our team as a mission is interested in encouraging and partnering with young investors who are looking for safe asset based investments with best value or rate or returns.

A Ravi Kumar

Chairman's Message

Working and building trusted relations since few decades in the real estate sector, we at Shashwita welcome you to partner with us, to guide you with our experience & expertise to get the best value for your investment along with a memorable client service experience.

We at Shashwita are dedicated to leading and supporting our clients in making valuable investments. Be it a new investor or an experienced one, our team is adept at guiding & executing the investment plans personalized according to your needs. We share the passion and enthusiasm to get the best for our clients.

What We Offer

Our team is organized and trained in accordance with the best industry standards to meet the challenges of your requirements in a professional and efficient way.


We Understand Requirements

The key to the best solution is effective communication and meticulous planning. To chart out the best solution possible our team will establish a personal contact with you to understand your requirements and gather all the required information to chart out the required plan.


We Work Precisely ​

Once our team gathers the required information necessary to execute the desired project, experts in their respective fields will analyze the issue and work together with you to develop and execute the best compatible solution. Our team's excellence comes from the skills, expertise and experience.

We Deliver Best Output​

Our team's principle is to create a memorable and reliable experience by ensuring the best service experience possible along with the best standards of excellence in delivering them. Time being a key factor for everyone is very important to us, so we understand how important it is to our clients and our integrity, we strive to ensure the timely delivery with best quality output.


Let us be your guide and executive partner in real estate investments. Shashwita has & will always strive to provide the best value for your investment.